Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 3rd-to-10th-Aug-2015

DateAugust 03, 2015

When planning a vacation for travelers over 50, it is important that the chosen locale is worthy of their attention and intellect. This is why a trip to Boston, Massachusetts is so worthwhile. This city features history, sports and the arts. With the largest concentration of colleges in North America, Boston is known as the “Athens of America.” Between its array of walking tours, shopping venues and museums, it is no wonder that visitors to Boston never experience a dull moment.Boston is proud to be a “walking city.” Areas to enjoy a stroll include the Boston Common and the Boston Garden, with its lovely swan boats that set sail from


Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 26th-to-2nd-Aug-2015

DateJuly 26, 2015

While some people are slowing down after age 50, others are taking their lives to the next level through enriching travel experiences. Many of these travelers are more discerning than their younger travel counterparts, and they demand vacation options that stimulate the senses and provide exceptional value. Here are some exciting travel ideas for their next great adventure. Cooking Classes in ProvenceA trip to France during the sunny months is always a great way to spend one's vacation time. While Paris is buzzing with activity in spring, many people head toward the French countryside or the coastal Riviera regions during the warmer month


Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 12th-to-19th-Jul-2015

DateJuly 12, 2015

The Pros and Cons of CruisesA cruise can be an exciting option for travelers over 50. Today's cruises present you with a wide range of options and destinations. They can also give you great value, as the price of the cruise often covers most of your needs. At the same time, you have to do your research and make sure this type of vacation is a good match for your needs and personality. The "Pros" of CruisesBeing on a luxurious ship with all of your needs met and lots of friendly people may sound enticing, and it can indeed be lots of fun. The following are some of the reasons why so many people enjoy the cruise experience.All of your needs are


To Your Health: How Travel Improves Your Well-Being

DateJuly 04, 2015

Travel is a fantastic way to expand your horizons and continue learning no matter your age. In fact, there are numerous advantages to traveling once you've hit 50 or better. If you're retired, you can travel in the shoulder season when everyone else is working or in school. You'll not only encounter fewer crowds, but also be eligible for some spectacular discounts. Of course, senior discounts help make travel more affordable no matter the time of year. However, did you know that travel can significantly improve your health?When most people envision retirement, their minds go to the wonderful vacations they'll enjoy. One of the keys to being a


8 Great Places for Retirees to Visit During Summer 2015

DateJune 27, 2015

You don't have to give up your dream of international travel just because you've reached a certain age. In fact, some events and activities are even more exciting when you're old enough to truly appreciate them. If you're ready to ride horses, taste wines and gaze up at the stars from romantic bridges, here are just eight places worth visiting this summer for the 50+ crowd.1. Buenos AiresOften called "the Paris of South America," Buenos Aires is a hotbed of culture and history for visitors of all ages. Wander its museums and art galleries; take in a show at its 2,500-seat opera house; try a sophisticated dish at one of its many four-star rest


Occupy The Mountain Lodge In A Small Community This Summer

DateMay 21, 2015

The beaches and theme parks of America will be filled with young families and their children. These are wonderful vacation destinations when you are a young couple, but older couples should find places where they can relax in a setting that is more their speed. Small mountain communities with their own lodges, history and peaceful nature are a better choice for the couple in their golden years. The benefits of a tiny mountain community are listed here. This list is not exhaustive, but it shows the charm and appeal of staying in a mountain lodge.#1: The DistanceYou may stay in a mountain lodge that is so far afield you feel as though you


Travel Destinations for the 50+ Crowd

DateMay 14, 2015

Even though a lot of vacation and getaway destinations that focus their attention on attracting young adults, with young families, there are plenty of places where folks over the age of fifty can feel the focus is on them.The Finger Lakes in Upstate New YorkThis is a great place for the slightly more mature people who look for places that haven't totally been taken over by big-box retailers and chain restaurants. Villages like Skaneateles, Penn Yan and Hammondsport are great places to experience life at a more relaxed pace. The wine trails, that wind through the area, are better than ever, and these days, more and more craft breweries are s


Travel Ideas For The 50+ Crowd

DateMay 07, 2015

Travel ideas for those over 50 cater to their varying interests and desires in their retirement years. Many couples and singles over the age of 50 have more time on their hands, and they are retired. The retired folks who are travelling the world must try special activities that will set them apart from the rest of the crowd. The older populous may not enjoy every activity, but there is a time and place for the older crowd to mix it up with younger folks.#1: Historical ToursHistorical tours of the most obscure locations in a travel destination are perfect for the older crowd. You have read books for the past several decades on many of th


Surprisingly Entertaining: The Spam Museum

DateApril 29, 2015

Sometimes the best travel destinations are off the beaten path. Sometimes they are not famous, unnoticed, and unusual. Sometimes the best travel destination involves Spam.The Spam museum, located halfway across Minneapolis on Interstate 90 is an unrecognized treasure. The perfect travel break, it is informative, entertaining, and perhaps best of all, costs nothing to tour. Hormel, producer of the Spam products, provides this museum as a way to increase knowledge and respect for an oft belittled food. But more than an advertisement, it provides a pleasant day trip, or resting place on a long d


What's New at Fifty & Furthermore

DateApril 29, 2015

It has been a long time coming, well at least 50 years to be exact, and now we are finally able to launch our site focusing on those of us who want to remain relevant in a technical age as we gracefully slide through our years.   

We have a brand new look and feel and a whole lot more stories for people gracefully moving through middle life.  As a matter of fact, as of right now we are one day old, its our birthday.

We hope to be able to reccomend to you the best travel, healthcare and intimacy advice online.  I know its a tall order but we are up to the challenge. 

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