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When it comes to the toys and health products that I bring into my life, I try to buy as organic (or renewable) as possible.  Below you will find some of my favorite must-haves!  Check back often, I’m always adding new fabulous divine desires!

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Women who have tried Sex Butter have found Sex Butter to be extremely effective at boosting sexual appetite, arousal, sensation, and fulfillment.

Sex Butter is 100% pure organic, safe, hormone-free, paraben-free, chemical-free, and hypo-allergenic. Sex Butter has no known drug interactions. After applying Sex Butter, it takes minutes to feel the sensation begin and may last up to an hour. This product may be reapplied at anytime during foreplay or intercourse.

Sex Butter was specifically formulated in the high altitude clean mountain air of New Mexico straight from the alchemist’s apothecary. The butter is formulated not only to be fun but also very functional in aiding, healing and protecting the skin.

Condom Safe? Sex Butter may be used safely with polyurethane or lambskin condoms. While it will not harm a latex condom, condom manufacturers recommend that no oil-based lubricants be used with latex condoms to prevent tearing or slippage.

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Aloe Cadabra 3-Pack

Aloe Cadabra® 3-Pack – Natural Aloe, French Lavender, Tahitian Vanilla – 2.5oz
Aloe Cadabra® is the smooth and silky organic surprise that is more fun and safer for you than the harmful chemical brands. Pleasurable for you, and delightful when shared with a partner. Lubricates as it eliminates dryness! The juicy aloe sensation is a gynecological health ally and a dream come true.

Suggested uses: Apply liberally to both you and / or your partner. Our organic, all natural food grade gel soothes your most sensitive tissues with a lubricity that magically enhances all intimate encounters. Won’t harm condoms or other synthetic toys. Not a spermicide. Will not prevent STDs. Safe if ingested.


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Condom Cube

This chic bedside box is the perfect way to keep up to a dozen of your favorite brand of condoms at hand.  Splendidly constructed with a magnetic closure for easy one-handed access, it is designed to keep romantic moments in full bloom.  The Condom Cube is perfect for anyone with an eye for design and a mind for safe loving’.

**Multiple colors & designs to choose from!

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French Envelope

Always be prepared!  These leather French Envelopes snuggle two condoms in luxury and fits neatly in a purse, pocket, or briefcase.  If you’re dating, this is a must have item!

**Multiple colors & designs to choose from!

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