Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 6th to 13th-Nov-2015


One of the great benefits of reaching the 50 and over age bracket is that there is usually more time for enjoyable hobbies like traveling. Taking trips near home and abroad introduces travelers to new cultural experiences, unique geography and brag worthy adventures. Here are some journeys that will have one checking schedules, searching for passports and brushing up on foreign language skills.

#1 European Castle River Cruise

Most people love the all inclusive nature of cruises, but many seniors have found that they have outgrown the options offered by the larger cruise lines that often cater to families or party prone youths. River cruising is a more refined take on traditional cruises, and these trips are offered by lines like Viking River Cruise, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises and AmaWaterways. One can float by European cities like Munich, Budapest and Salzburg for scenic views of area castles and other regional architectural features. Port stops allow travelers to do some limited sight seeing on foot and by prearranged transport. This type of travel itinerary is ideal for seniors who want to see a number of regional sites without sacrificing convenience and comfort.

#2 Volunteer Vacation in Ecuador with LEAD Adventures

Seniors have acquired a lifetime of skills and knowledge that they can impart to others when the right opportunities arise. Proactive seniors who enjoy learning and teaching often search out their own opportunities through volunteer organizations that are located around the world. LEAD Adventures which is based in Quito, Ecuador is a great example of a way that seniors can give back to the global community while gaining new cultural and social experiences. The organization is a non-profit agency that has a day care project that serves the children of workers at a well known garbage dump in Quito. Volunteers assist teachers with child care, serving meals, planning educational activities and demonstrating arts and crafts. This vacation option can end up being one of the most affordable choices because accommodations and meals with host families are included in the opportunity. Seniors have free time during late afternoons and weekends to explore the region.

#3 Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Sharing a vacation with children and grandchildren is highly valued by many seniors, and a tour of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is a great family oriented get away. The city of Williamsburg used to be the state's capital during colonial times, and it was an important location for American Revolutionary War era personages such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Many of the colonial period buildings have been restored, and costumed dramatizations that depict common challenges faced by Williamsburg citizens during that time are reenacted for visitors. Families can also see how people of that era crafted things like glass items, iron works and textiles as trained professionals demonstrate these heritage skills. Visitors can participate more fully while they explore the city by donning rented costumes and moving among the similarly dressed actors.

#4 South African Safari at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

Going on an African safari is considered a once in a lifetime adventure by even seasoned travelers. Subsequently, seniors should choose destinations and accommodations that will make their trip the most memorable. For example, South Africa is sufficiently developed enough to have many of the modern amenities that seniors are used to accessing, and the country has private game reserves like the one at Ulusaba that allow visitors to gain excellent, up close views of native wildlife. Travelers can wax nostalgic about their childhood days of playing in tree houses at the Ulusaba Safari Lodge that is designed like a suite of tree houses that are linked by suspended bridges and aerial walkways.