Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 26th-to-2nd-Aug-2015


While some people are slowing down after age 50, others are taking their lives to the next level through enriching travel experiences. Many of these travelers are more discerning than their younger travel counterparts, and they demand vacation options that stimulate the senses and provide exceptional value. Here are some exciting travel ideas for their next great adventure.

Cooking Classes in Provence

A trip to France during the sunny months is always a great way to spend one's vacation time. While Paris is buzzing with activity in spring, many people head toward the French countryside or the coastal Riviera regions during the warmer months. The combination of fresh air, a surplus of sunshine and cooling sea breezes make summer a great time to visit the French food writer Patricia Wells at her home for cooking lessons. The setting of the classes is authentic French country that take place in a restored 18th century farmhouse. The class recipes feature fresh, local products from the farm's organic garden or nearby farming establishments. Patricia Wells and her husband guide small groups of aspiring chefs in the art of Proven├žal cooking. The week long classes allow these lifelong learners to bring back memorable souvenirs that include exclusive recipes, new perspectives on French culture and a unique skill set.

Take in Family Friendly Shows in Branson

Spending time with family is one of life's greatest pleasures, and enjoying that quality time in a place like Branson, Missouri makes those moments even more delightful. The city that has over 50 theaters is known for its quality musical shows and theatrical performances. For example, actors at the Sight and Sound Theatres reenact biblical stories using realistic special effects and live animals. Families with children in tow usually do not pass up a chance to go to the Silver Dollar City amusement park that has a late 1800s theme. Park attendants saunter about the park in period dress, and some skilled crafts people demonstrate how things like pottery, glass and metal works were made right before the turn of the 20th century. During the hot months of summer a trip to White Water Branson is always a treat. The newly renovated park has water features to please nearly every age and preference. Shallow splash pools with miniature slides are designed to keep small children entertained, and others can get their hearts racing plummeting down a 245 foot water slide.

Hot Air Ballooning in the Australian Outback

When it is steaming hot in the Northern Hemisphere, many seek relief and relaxation down under. The months of July and August are peak tourist seasons for visitors to Australia's famed Outback. In fact, these Southern Hemisphere winter months are about the only time that the weather is bearable enough to comfortably visit areas like Ayers Rock and Alice Springs in the Outback. Guided tours are available during this busy season, and people who properly plan can even get a guide of the native indigenous people. Native guides can demonstrate survival techniques that were used by members of their society for years in that area of harsh climates and contrasting beauty. Visitors who want to make sure that they see everything before leaving these picturesque places often take sunrise hot air balloon rides from Alice Springs and glide across the Australian desert for breakfast at the end of the excursion.