Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 12th-to-19th-Jul-2015


The Pros and Cons of Cruises

A cruise can be an exciting option for travelers over 50. Today's cruises present you with a wide range of options and destinations. They can also give you great value, as the price of the cruise often covers most of your needs. At the same time, you have to do your research and make sure this type of vacation is a good match for your needs and personality.

The "Pros" of Cruises

Being on a luxurious ship with all of your needs met and lots of friendly people may sound enticing, and it can indeed be lots of fun. The following are some of the reasons why so many people enjoy the cruise experience.

  • All of your needs are met. You will have a wide variety of places to relax, exercise, dine, enjoy live entertainment and socialize. Many cruises have casinos on board. It would be hard to find another type of trip with more activities concentrated in one area.
  • You can visit several great destinations on one trip. Ordinarily, if you want to plan a trip with multiple destinations, it's a hassle that involves booking several flights or other types of transportation. With a cruise, you can just sit back and visit one scenic port after another.
  • Wide choice of destinations -There are cruises in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Alaska, the Galapagos and many other parts of the world. If there's a region you've always wanted to explore, a cruise can be the most convenient and comfortable way to do it.
  • Good Value -Because cruises are usually all-inclusive, you can get great value if you shop around. At the same time, make sure you understand exactly what is and isn't included.

The "Cons" of Cruises

The following are some of the possible drawbacks of cruising.

  • You are confined to one space. As large and luxurious as cruise ships often are, some people still experience feelings of claustrophobia after a while. You are, after all, on a boat for the duration. Even the most luxurious rooms are usually small compared to hotels or cabins.
  • You might be overwhelmed. People have different preferences for vacations. If you love lots of activity and socializing, you will probably have a great time on a cruise. If, however, your ideal trip is a quiet cabin in the mountains, you might feel overstimulated by all the people and constant activity on cruise ship.
  • Costs can be deceptive. While cruises can, as noted, offer great value, they can also be a little tricky. You may, for example, be drawn to an advertised price only to be tempted into an upgrade. You may not budget sufficiently for money lost gambling, if there is a casino on board. You also have to allocate funds for expenses you incur during port stops, such as dining and buying souvenirs.

These are some of the points to keep in mind if you are considering a cruise. Many older adults enjoy the convenience and luxury of modern cruises. The “cons” listed above are not meant to scare you off, but to make you aware that no type of travel is ideal for everyone. If you are not sure whether a cruise is right for you, you may want to start off with a short cruise relatively close to home.