Senior Vacations You Can't Miss


For some people, traveling is a way of life. What's the fun of living if you're not traveling? Of course, there's travel ideas for everyone, but men and women ages 50 and above may have the best opportunities for traveling.

One of the most popular vacation destinations for people of all ages--but especially seniors--is a cruise. Laid back, fun, and all-inclusive, there's no going wrong on a cruise. For people who love to explore the quaint, charming little towns and live for the 24-hour access to food, try a cruise. These luxury ocean liners travel almost everywhere, giving you an opportunity to explore the entire world on a cruise ship alone. If you're interested in a cruise, choose an adult-friendly ocean liner to keep from worrying about too many families and children under your feet. Worried about ocean sickness? Don't be. Because these boats are so large, there is almost no chance of feeling the sway of the boat. Pack some motion-sickness medications if you're worried about it, but with an abundance of 24-hour buffets, on-board casinos, shore excursions, shopping, and socializing, a cruise is the type of vacation that offers it all.

If you're not a fan of being on the water, a travel destination such as London, England is also a wonderful choice for seniors. London is known for its exciting group tours and exceptional public transportation, which comes in handy for men and women who aren't as mobile as they once were. Take some sight-seeing trips to all the main attractions in London and enjoy coffee and pastries in the cute little cafes lining the streets of London. Book a room near the main point of the city and you'll never run out of places to explore and things to do.

Another destination that caters to seniors is Hawaii. For some seniors, the Pearl Harbor Memorial is the best part, especially if you were or know someone who was apart of Pearl Harbor. Consider spending a day on the beach or the golf course, basking under the warm Hawaii sun. Take an open-sea fishing trip or simply read a book on the deck of your hotel. Whatever you find to do in Hawaii, it's bound to be a fabulous vacation.

If you're wanting to stay on this side of the sea, consider a must-see destination like Niagara Falls. This stunning waterfall is located on the border of the US and Canada, and during certain times of the year it's a must-see show. In September, for example, the Niagara Falls Wine Festival is in full swing. Even better is the Winter Festival of Lights, a celebration that happens from November through January. This celebration is always sure to include fireworks and even concerts. Don't miss it!

Las Vegas. Don't let the party-central city scare you off. Shockingly, Las Vegas, Nevada may very well be the perfect getaway for seniors. For those who like to gamble, it's no secret that Las Vegas boasts some of the most popular--and largest--casinos in the world. Take a stroll down The Strip to see the sites, or drive out to Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area to admire the BLM's gorgeous natural landscape. Rent a condo on the outskirts of the city for a pleasantly quiet stay that will be just close enough to the excitement that you won't miss out.

Whatever you decide to do for a vacation, the ideas are limitless. Start planning now, because the only vacation not worth it is the one you never went on!