Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People: December 6 2015 to December 12 2015


This is a great time of year to check out some of the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Because bourbon's popularity is at an all time high, there's a special buzz around the places that produce more bourbon whiskey than anywhere else in t

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Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People: November 29 2015 to December 5 2015


Since the Baby Boomers (people aged 50 and over) are either retired or approaching retirement, travel has grown exponentially over the past two decades. With a struggling economy, people find it difficult to plan long vacations without compromising t

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Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People: November 22 2015 to November 28 2015


Thailand attracts as many as 30 million tourists per year. While cities like Bangkok and Pattaya are quite crowded and noisy, there are plenty of quiet places for those 50-years-old and over looking for serenity and relaxation in the year-round tropi

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Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People: November 8 2015 to November 14 2015


Our weekly travel review for November 8 2015 to November 14 2015 contains travel ideas in the US and abroad for people who are 50 years old or more.

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Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 6th to 13th-Nov-2015


One of the great benefits of reaching the 50 and over age bracket is that there is usually more time for enjoyable hobbies like traveling. Taking trips near home and abroad introduces travelers to new cultural experiences, unique geography and brag

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50+ Travels


This time of year, the weather can trend toward the unpredictable - but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of diverse and interesting destinations out there just waiting to be experienced. As an added bonus, this time of year those destinations t

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Travel Review: Outer Banks, NC


IntroductionAnyone who is over the age of 50 wants to travel to places that are both calm and fun. Few places in the United States meet this description like the Outer Banks, NC. There are many different events for people to enjoy in this area. In ad

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Senior Vacations You Can't Miss


For some people, traveling is a way of life. What's the fun of living if you're not traveling? Of course, there's travel ideas for everyone, but men and women ages 50 and above may have the best opportunities for traveling.One of the most popular vac

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Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 8th-to-15th-Oct-2015


"Young at heart" but more mature in years people still in good health and able to explore various vacation travel suggestions are open to both traditional and unusual recommendations. There are a multitude of possibilities that are extra friendly a

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Weekly Travel Review for 50+ People : 10th-to-17th-Aug-2015


People 50 years of age of more consider traveling to be one of the most important aspects of life these days. Traveling was viewed as a luxury for this age group generations ago. But today's boomers believe that traveling is a key aspect of personal

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